squatsandhighheelsMy name is Destiny. I started my journey towards fitness just a little over a year ago. I'm here to document my progress and encourage others to lead a healthier lifestyle. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask!

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“Oh my god I just hate a piece of pizza am I going to gain weight?”


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Life is really nutty

I’m going through a really weird time…

A few weeks ago, during finals week, I dropped to about 96lbs. I hadn’t been lifting in a few weeks, and I let school and work just completely take over my schedule. I was so exhausted that all I wanted to do was sleep. 
And then my long-term s.o. and I recently broke up—which doesn’t make me sad, but it has affected my behavior. I’m going out all the time, dancing, staying out until wayy too late, not drinking enough water. 

So I’m really conflicted. I’m struggling balancing being young and having fun with being healthy. I’m usually so disciplined and dedicated. I usually have about 3 Identity Crises per year, so I’m assuming that this is just one of them. 

Finals are over!!

I finally have time to blog again!! :)

"As women, we must continue to demand more realistic definitions of “beauty” and “femininity.” Health is beautiful, no matter what sport a woman pursues. Muscle is feminine on a woman who has inner strength as well as physical power. "

Dorothea Helms
that v-cut that makes smart girls stupid. 

that v-cut that makes smart girls stupid. 

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I have literally said all of these things at one point and time.

Marry me?

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My New Mantra—

You are enough and you are worthy of being loved. 

Hey guys! 

I’ve been so super busy with school this week, and I just started a new job, so my head is about to explode!

I just wanted to say hello and I hope that your week is awesome!

Happy Humpday!! :)

Why School Always, ALWAYS Ruins My Progress—

Over Spring Break I was fully capable of getting back into a routine. I was following a schedule and other than the daily coffee—a habit I had previously broken— I was eating pretty well. 

But the moment I return from Spring Break and start class again, it all goes down hill. I’m drowning in research papers and exams and presentations. The past two nights in a row I stayed up late to finish two papers; I may have slept a total of 9 hours between the two nights. It’s a wonder that I can  even pull myself from bed in the mornings. 

When I finally get home from class, I’m so tired that all I do is stare at the wall or my computer, because I have another project, presentation, paper due. Or I have so much work to do that I just take a nap. And I get so angry because it sets my progress back when I can’t sleep, workout, or even function!

So if any of you are struggling to motivate yourself, or to get everything done, don’t feel like you’re alone. Don’t beat yourself up about it. At least we’re at this suckfest together!

“hey, first of all, i love your blog! I have a question.. I'm a flat-chested girl, and I want to 'boost my bust' by doing chest exercises. But I dont know how to do that. I just do some push ups, but I dont think thats enough. I hope you can help me... lots of love xx”

Awwe thanks babe! 

Well breasts are actually partially essential fat and excess adipose tissue (fatty tissue); so the size of your breasts are based on genetics, which determines where you store your excess fat. From one flat-chested girl to another, I know how infuriating it can be!

But we can’t be doomed to live in A-cup Hell for forever without some saving grace, right?! Chest exercises that increase the strength of your pectoral muscles, under your breasts, can help with the perkiness. Plus you get to a certain point where you can pop your pecs, which I think it’s just the best party trick ever! 

Push ups are great! So are Chest-Press and Flys. I’m only pressing 55lbs (24.9kg) right now, and I definitely notice a difference. 

Absolute BEST advise I can give you though is to invest $45-$50 on a Victoria’s Secret Push-up. Those bad boys are magic! 

Hope this helps!! :)

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